6 Ways your Accountant can help you

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In our business, we do rely quite a bit on our accountant. Here are some situations which you might not think about including your accountant in, but should!

  • You’re getting married. Everything is changing, call your accountant and discuss strategies to save money during it all.
  • You’re getting divorced. To me, this one is obvious. Right after the call to the lawyer, call your accountant.
  • You’re having a child. Congratulations, tell your parent’s first. They’ve been dying to hear the news, then call your accountant. Kids are NOT cheap.
  • Kids are going to college. Or maybe you are. Savings accounts, how to use money and how to deduct expenses are all things you can go over together.
  • You plan to buy or sell investments. Before you do this, calling your accountant can help you discover the ramifications of your actions.
  • You plan to sell your home. Right after you call ME, call your accountant.

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