April is Fair Housing Month

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For decades we’ve been talking about, studying, and working to make housing more fair. We’ve come a long ways and still have a ways to go. Take a look at this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84k2iM30vbY it is both funny in nature and sad in reality. Realtors must renew their licenses every two years (in Maryland) and one requirement is a class on fair housing every cycle.

Mistakes of the past are definitely ones we need to avoid going forward and this is the joint responsibility of Agents, Lenders, and Clients alike. You should not be discriminated against no matter what the reason. Discrimination may not be as obvious as it once was, but be on guard. Examples of discrimination are when an agent may only show you homes in a certain area or lenders may give you a different deal based on where you are from or what you believe. Both are illegal.

If you can afford the home, you should be able to see it, and have the same type of financing that everyone else has. This is why when you meet with your agent, be clear on which areas you like and which areas you don’t like. Agents cannot steer, or even guide you in this manner, so be prepared to do a little research yourself. Use http://marylandhomes.pro/resources/community-reports/ as a start to find out information about the areas you are interested and, if you can afford homes in that area that meet you qualifications, you should be looking at homes in that area.  And, remember there is no substitute for driving through the neighborhood yourself.

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