The Process

Below is the Step-by-Step process and what to expect when buying your first home.

Step 1:  Hire a Realtor

Step 2:  Get pre-approved for a mortgage

Step 3: Are you getting down payment assistance?

Step 4: 90 minute consultation with your Realtor

Step 5:  Research area, crime, schools, etc.

Step 6: Showings and narrowing the field

Step 7: What is a home warranty?

Step 8: Make an offer

Step 9:  Negotiations

Step 10: Congratulations, you’re under contract (the three things)

Step 11: Mortgage sabotage. Avoid it!

Step 12:  Choosing the rest of your team (title and inspectors)

Step 13: Use Updater to begin moving preparations

Step 14:  Insurance, utilities, and lender requests

Step 15:  Tips for attending the home inspection

Step 16:  Read and respond to inspection report

Step 17:  Review the HOA/condo resale package (if applicable)

Step 18:  The appraisal and the results

Step 19: Hire movers and start packing

Step 20:  Did you change your utilities?

Step 21:  Final walkthrough 0-7 days before settlement

Step 22:  Why “clear to close” is what you want to hear!

Step 23:  Wire transfer to title company

Step 24: Attend closing

Step 25: Change those locks

Step 26: Review ME!

Step 27: Which papers do I keep?

Step 28: Wait, I have a question!

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