Deferred Maintenance

Deferred Maintenance: The term agents and inspectors commonly use to refer to items the seller has neglected to fix so that the new buyer can take care of it.


Here are a few things that you should DEFINITELY fix and not pass on…

1) Leaky roof – this will literally destroy your whole house. Stop what you are doing and fix it today!
2) Electrical issues – like living outside? Well you will be if your house burns down, don’t delay, call your electrician today!

3) Slip and fall risks – nobody likes being sued, so take care of the cracking sidewalk, sinking stair, loose handrail, etc. before you get a call from Siantz and Kirk.

Maybe so, maybe not

4) Foundation cracks- you should have a professional inspect, but hairline cracks are generally not a problem. Horizontal cracks and cracks where you can see sunlight should be dealt with immediately.

5) Loose or damaged shingles or roof flashing. You may not have leaks now, but rest assured you will. If your hat blows off your head, will you pick it up and put it back on? Of course you will, do the same for the covering of your home.

6) Peeling exterior paint. Depending on what this is covering will depend on how fast you need to address it… If it covers wood, go with, right away! This is something that most appraisers will flag and require that you fix.

7) Everything else…..fixing items before you put it on the market means you can fix it yourself, or pay your friend, neighbor, relative to do it. Waiting until the inspection report arrives means paying a licensed contractor to do it, at a greater cost to you!


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