Don’t “Poker Face Me”

Our clients hear this all the time, “Don’t poker face me.” What we mean is, tell us what you think about each and every house. Which features do you like, which ones do you hate? There is a house for everyone and everyone has different tastes. When we go in a home, don’t feel obligated to spend more time in there than it takes to determine that you absolutely hate it. If you hate it from the start, tell us what you hate about it and let’s move on.

Likewise, when you step into one that you love, let’s take our time, think out loud about the good and the bad. It is in this way that we can help you see a realistic picture of the home (with the good and the bad) and help you formulate an opinion about how this home ranks among your favorites. It’s also a good idea because you do not want to have to come back to your favorite and see it again. The owner now knows how much you love it, and may not be as willing to make a deal with you. In summary, tell your agent everything, but share nothing with anyone else.

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