Equifax Security Breach

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Chances are your personal data has been compromised. Here is what you should do now….

Visit   http://www.annualcreditreport.com asap to see if everything is as it should be. If you find it is not, visit http://www.identitytheft.gov to find out what to do.

For the future consider putting a freeze on your data:

https://www.transunion.com/credit-freeze/place-credit-freese2   or 888-909-8872

https://www.freeze.equifax.com/freeze/jsp/sff_personalldinfo.jsp or 800-685-1111

https://www.experian.com/freeze/center.html or 888-397-3742

…OR… if you choose not to freeze your accounts, you may wish to put a fraud alert on your file, alerting creditors that they must verify anyone seeking credit in your name.

Lastly, file your tax returns early, as soon as you can, this will avoid someone else filing in your name and claiming your refund.

On the subject of data breaches…keep these two simple tips in mind.

  • Keep your email password secure – just about everything can run through your email, so leaving it open leaves you open for fraud.
  • Keep track of your phone and if your service ever stops working, call your company immediately. Hackers are calling cell phone companies trying to get them to transfer your number to a new phone, claiming they lost the phone, forgot the password, and so forth. If the rep falls for it, they will take your service. With your phone they can now access quite a bit. To curb this, ask your telephone provider to add a special “call-in” password or PIN to your account, giving you an extra layer of protection.

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