Home Prices for the last year

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Overall Prices in Maryland have risen just over 3.8% in the last year. Some markets faired better or worse than others. Here’s a breakdown of the main markets we cover. If you’d like more information, just ask!

County                        % change in units sold         % change in price sold

Anne Arundel                                    -2.5%                                      9.3%

Baltimore City                        7.6%                                       -0.5%

Baltimore County                  6.0%                                       7.5%

Cecil County                           12.9%                                     5.7%

Harford County                     -9.3%                                      9.9%

Prince George’s County        11.3%                                     9.7%

It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean if you live in AA County that the value of your house went up 9.3%. It means the mean house value (of the ones) sold in 2017 was 9.3% higher than this time last year.   Individual prices generally keep close pace with this, BUT for an accurate valuation of your property, please contact us for a in-depth market analysis –Free of charge 🙂


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