How to get your Elderly Mom and/or Dad to move closer

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Chances are they may not be excited about the idea of a possible move, even if it makes life easier for you. So here is some advice on the discussion you will have:

  • Laying the groundwork: sooner rather than later, ask them what their plans are when/if they can no longer drive or fully care for themselves. Go over some options together.
  • Hold a family meeting: meet together (face to face) and go over your points. Mom/Dad need to have a say, but present your viewpoints and reasons for them.
  • Play up the positives: close to family, kids, grandkids, healthcare, less cooking and cleaning, anything that will sway them.
  • Let them see your pain: Talk honestly about how you feel, how it affects/stresses you out, and how this would be helpful.
  • Have a fallback plan: They may not want to move across country, but maybe to a place nearby more manageable, or even an assisted living in their area.

It’s not going to be easy for you or them, best thing to do is start early and come up with a plan before you have to.


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