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Surprising Things Your Homeowners Insurance Covers:

Please check with your individual insurance company to see what specific coverage you may or may not have .


  • lawsuits from accidents in or even not in or around your home. Your insurance can cover you in accidents that occur miles away from your property.
  • Other structures: these can include shed, pool houses, pools themselves, retaining walls and many other structures.
  • Your possessions that were stolen, even if they were not in your home at the time!
  • Spoiled food (if caused by a power outage)
  • Home upgrades (if required by new ordinances)
  • Landscaping (this can be harder to prove)

Homeowners insurance in important part of happy home life, just remember two things. Don’t make a claim unless you need to, because it will most likely increase your rates. And, two… use people we recommend, in fact use our site, to get great recommendations on most everything home

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