Landlord Tips

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Part one

If you are a landlord, you already know the secret to getting rich slow. Today’s article and the next are designed to help you keep more of that hard earned money.

Whether you are a current landlord, or someone looking to break into the game, creating an LLC is an excellent way to protect you and your home from the liability of your second (or third or fourth). Do your own research here or contact me for a great lawyer referral, but having an LLC and operating it properly can help shield you from the risk associated with having other living on your property. Couple this with personal liability insurance and you’ve got a great defense should anyone make a claim against you. I’ve got more where that came from! Contact me today to get in on being a landlord and getting rich slow.

Part two

This tip is so simple and it will probably make some of my competition mad. Use   Here you can send a request to a tenant, they can pay for the service themselves with a credit/debit card and within minutes you have their credit report, criminal reports, and a leasing recommendation (yea or nay). Couple this with a free Maryland judicial search and you have a pretty good start about finding out who wants to rent your property. Taking your time up front will help you tons later on not having to get rid of a nightmare tenant. Call us for step by step guidance with all of your real estate needs.

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