Property: your home and your investment

When we go look at homes, there are two things to be concerned with. (1) does it feel like home and (2) is it a good investment? The first one should be your concern, and if you have a good realtor then the second should not have to be your main focus. The Pomfrey team uses predictive valuations to help determine which areas are sound investments and which are not. The chart on the right may look like a weather map, but actually shows predicted future values with the blue area being higher growth, white being neutral, and red areas of concern. With your realtor watching out for your checkbook, that frees you to choose the property that most feels like home for you and your family.

At our first meeting, we encourage you to consider three things when choosing your next home. (1) location (2) size of home and property and (3) everything else. Switch the order around on these three and you could be getting a bad investment. Please use our community page http://marylandhomes.pro/resources/community-reports/ to find out more about the areas you are considering and come in for a free consultation to have professional guidance from A to Z.


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