Protect your home from winter!

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For most of us, winter is our home’s worst enemy. Extreme temps, feet of snow, freezing rain, and endless cycles of thawing and freezing and wreck your home. Here are the cliff notes of what to do.

First, prioritize, keep water out. Start with a roof inspection. Little cracks will turn into bigger cracks, and little leaks into damage.

Second, make sure your grading is correct. Is the ground around your home sloping toward or away from your home. Whichever direction, that is the direction that water will travel. (Here’s a hint, you want it sloping away) If it is not sloping away, adding some dirt strategically around your home can help water from finding it’s way in.

Third, insulate the attic. Look this up or hire a trusted professional. Doing this incorrectly can be almost as bad as not doing it.

Fourth, consider a home energy audit. Your local utility will provide these for you at a huge discount, and often times will credit the cost back toward any necessary upgrades.

Fifth, here are a list of very inexpensive and worthwhile things you can do yourself that really pay off:

  • clean your gutters
  • flush your water heater to clean it out
  • walk around your home and examine siding for gaps and holes, fill these with regular household caulk

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