Renovations that can transform any home!

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Renovations that can transform any home!


This article is divided into two parts: cheap and easy and not so cheap, not so easy, but stunning renovations.


Quick and easy: A) Add patio and deck furniture right outside your sliding glass door to create some outdoor living space. B) If you have a large number of smaller bedrooms, consider combining them into a master bedroom suite. Imagine the enjoyment you will get out of having your own private suite (larger closet, larger bathroom-let your imagination take you there. C) Replace your kitchen countertop. There are hundreds of choices to choose from. Get rid of your formica and go granite, concrete, stainless, or any of dozens of choices in material. D) Replace old bathroom vanity – this can be done with one trip to Home Depot and very little technical know-how. E) Wine fridge – many times clients fall in love with the sizzle, not the steak, why not wow others with your awesome wine fridge?


A bit more complex: A) Remove interior walls in the main living space. Only do so under the direction of a qualified contractor or structural engineer! This can give your home a more open, modern feel, for a medium amount of money. B) Add a full exterior glass wall – this is one of the most striking of the recommendations, and probably cannot be done if you have an HOA, but if you look online at some of the pics of these, they are nothing short of stunning!   C) Hardwood floors – only one in twenty buyers nowadays are asking for carpet. Go with the odds, go hardwood, or a NICE laminate.


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