maps the addresses of registered sex offenders in your neighborhood. Type a location or address into the website’s search box, and FamilyWatchdog generates a map pinpointing the address of nearby registered sex offenders.


maps crime data from more than 1,000 participating law enforcement agencies. Users can search CrimeReports by region, address, zip code, or law enforcement agency name to see a map with icons identifying recent police activity.


maps crimes and delivers crime alerts via email, Facebook, Twitter, and several other platforms. SpotCrime gathers data from law enforcement agencies, news reports, and user tips to plot crimes. Crimes are represented by icons that make it easy to see what type of activity takes place in your neighborhood.

School Reports

Below are two links for researching neighborhoods and schools. Whether you have, had, or never will have school aged children; keep in mind that schools are a very good indicator of the health of a neighborhood. Besides an Internet search, nothing compares to driving through the community that you want to live in at night. If you don’t feel safe while in your car, you won’t feel any better living there.

MOVING - School Ratings, City Profiles, etc.

I personally recommend you use the Maryland Report Card over the Great Schools rating system, as the Great Schools system is highly subjective.

Maryland School’s Report Card

Also, keep in mind, that when you find a home that you like, I will automatically run our ‘RPR’ (realtor’s property resource) report to assist with pricing our offer. This report gives a great indicator of the health of a neighborhood from a financial perspective. If you would like a copy, I’m always happy to send it to you!

Finder Online -Use this great link to outline properties. Doesn’t replace a survey, but gives you a pretty good idea where the boundaries are. From the Maryland Department of Planning.

SDAT: Real Property Search - This link will take you to the Maryland Site to look up ground rent for any property in Maryland.

Area Calculator Using Maps - Square Footage Calculator (from space) - find the rough square footage of any home by measuring the roof. 

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