The Process

Step 1: Hire a Realtor

Step 2:  You’ve Hired a Realtor. Now What? Planning!

Step 3:  Time to Clean, De-clutter, and possibly Stage

Step 4:  Conduct a Pre-Market Inspection and Perform Repairs

Step 5: Professional Photography

Step 6: Realtor Pre-Marketing

Step 7: House is on the market, what to expect.

Step 8:  The other 4,999 places we market

Step 9:  Time for Showings

Step 10: The First Week Your Home Is On the Market

Step 11: Keeping it up, Marathon not Sprint

Step 12:   Receiving the first offer

Step 13:   Accepted Offer

Step 15: Order the HOA/Condo Resale Package (if applicable)

Step 16:  The Home Inspection

Step 17: Negotiating and Completing Repairs

Step 18:  Title Work

Step 19:  The Appraisal and the results

Step 20:  Schedule the Closing Date On Your Calendar

Step 21:  Use Updater for moving preparations

Step 22:  Did you change your utilities?

Step 23: When Can I cancel my Homeowners Insurance?

Step 24: Hire a Cleaning Person

Step 25:  Why “Clear to Close is what you want to hear!”

Step 26:  Final Walkthrough 0-7 days before settlement

Step 27:  Attend Closing

Step 28:  Review ME!

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