Signs you’ve hired the wrong agent

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Over the past few months I’ve encountered some crazy things, things you should be aware of, but probably aren’t. Bottom line is, check out your agent thoroughly folks. This is your most important and most expensive transaction, have someone guiding you that knows what they are doing! I’m pulled together some of the things I’ve seen lately that you should watch out for.

  • Your agent isn’t a Realtor. Realtors are held to a higher standard than a “Real Estate Agent.” We typically belong to three boards, Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors, Maryland Realtors, and National Association of Realtors.
  • Your agent doesn’t belong to the Multiple List System. How do I know this? Because some of your agents are signing up on my sites for more information about houses. They don’t have the MLS, so they don’t have any more information than you.
  • They don’t know the contracts. The average LEGAL contract is 40 pages long now. Do you want someone representing you who “kinda” knows the contracts, or someone who can fully represent you and use the law to your advantage?
  • Your agent does this on the side. Are they only available after 4pm? Can never take a call? Do you want your surgeon to only operate once a month? Of course not. So why would you want a part time agent who doesn’t know the ins and outs of Real Estate. Your part time agent is going to cost you some big time money.
  • Your agent is a wimp at negotiating. Test them. Ask them a few tough questions and see how they respond. If they can’t take control of the situation, how well will they do when negotiating for you?
  • They are too pushy, not pushy enough, or just downright desperate. You want an agent who will suggest, provide guidance and support and ultimately let you come up with the right decision. We are guides in this journey, experienced guides who know which steps to take. You should listen to a well-educated realtor-if that have earned your trust.
  • Isn’t well known. If you search for them and can’t find them anywhere, probably no one else has heard of them either. In this high tech, fast moving world, you need an agent who is keeping up, or even blazing the trail, not trailing behind.
  • Your agent isn’t a member of the Pomfrey Team. Okay, that one is blatantly self-serving, but nevertheless true and accurate. Teams cover way more ground than single agents, have backup, and resources that the “Lone Ranger” just wouldn’t have. Cummings and Co. Realtors average two to three times the experience of other companies, and the Pomfrey Team specifically has the resources, technology, and real estate know how to get you the best deal. Put us to the test today. 8448-MY-AGENT

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