The Secret to buying a home!

The secret to buying a home. Homeowners know this, so please share with your friends and family. No really, share it with them.


  • Call your highly qualified realtor. My team and I will guide you through the pre-approval process-starting with finding a top lender and getting any grants/ gov’t funds you may be entitled to.
  • Get your credit score up. This is easy. Once you talk with us, we will put you in touch with an awesome lender who will (FOR FREE) pull your credit, see what you need to improve on, and guide you through EXACLY what you need to do to get from marginal credit to credit worthy of buying a home.
  • Save a little. For about the same amount that you would spend on a deposit for a rental, you can put onto a down payment and get the home you always wanted. Seriously…here’s how it works…. For someone buying a $200,000 home (typical first time purchase) they would need about $8000 to purchase. $5,000 can come from the gov’t and the other $3,000 can come from you or family. (remember if you rent for $1500/month they would require 1 month deposit and first months’ rent up front = $3000)


YES, it is that easy, call us at 844-869-2436 today!

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